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Dragon Donuts all started in Grove City, Ohio. We are a locally owned business, ran by a local family who believes in providing a service to the community through mentorship as well as serving the best made-to-order donuts possible. The name “Dragon” started when Josh was first introduced to his stepson. When asked his name, Josh replied it’s Dragon to break the ice. As it turns out, having the name Dragon makes you pretty cool! Til this very day, he only refers to him as Dragon. Although this all started out as a joke, it has continued to the point of our very own donut shop, Dragon Donuts.


Dragon Donuts is more than just a delicious made-to-order donut shop, we are a community that is built on employing men and women who may have a less than perfect past. We help them to regain stability by learning new skills, supporting personal and professional growth, all while giving back to our society in a positive way. Dragon Donuts is more than just a business, we are a family. Our mission is to provide our growing community with a positive work environment as well as an exciting atmosphere for you and your family to come and enjoy the best food of all, Donuts.


As a family we have always enjoyed going out together and getting donuts. While on vacation we ran into a small donut shop that caught our eye. We would always joke and dream about starting our very own donut shop. We wanted a place of employment that was fun, that gave back to the community and a place where we go to work and do something that we love. We enjoy cooking together and we have always wanted to do something for our family that is long lasting and special.

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