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Hi donut lovers!

Welcome to Dragon Donuts! We started out in Grove City, Ohio and added our Grandview and Easton Town Center locations in 2020. Our donuts are always fresh, made-to-order and HOT when you leave! We offer a variety of cake donuts, yeast donuts and other sweet treats! Please take a look around our site to read more about us and how our dream became a reality.

Our Menu

Our donuts all of our donuts are made-to-order. That means that you walk out the door with delicious hot donuts every time!! Please take a look at our menu for our Dragon Donut creations!

Our Menu

About Us

Dragon Donuts is so much more than just incredibly delicious donuts. We believe in creating a community while serving you and yours!

About Us

The Dragon Donut Difference

Dragon Donuts… sounds crazy, right? We thought so too, we opened our first shop in Grove City, just outside of Columbus, Ohio. We have since opened up a Dragon Donuts in Grandview and Easton Town Center. We have always enjoyed donuts since we were just little Buckeyes so we are extremely excited and grateful to be able to serve our community delicious donuts and coffee! While donuts may seem to be our thing, we are so much more than just a family owned local donut shop. Family and friends are our number one priority, which is why every person that walks into Dragon Donuts will be treated as such. Our love for the community and desire to make Columbus, Ohio better is what drives us to create one of a kind sweet treats for you, your family and friends to enjoy.

Made-To-Order donuts coming in HOT! You will never walk into our store and see day old, or even hour old donuts! So how does Dragon Donuts do donuts? Our donuts are “cake” style, they have a slightly crunchy outside while the center is light and fluffy. Our menu consists of everything from your classic glaze to a Fluffer Nutter. We start with a fresh, piping hot vanilla cake donut that is dropped into the fryer and then dipped, topped and drizzled right before your eyes. Being average is not what we are about, we continue to strive to be so much more. Come by and try one of our donuts, grab a cup of coffee or just say hello. We know that once you try us we will become your favorite local donut shop. We look forward to serving you the best donuts in Columbus, OH.

Dragon Donuts is more than just a locally owned business that supports Columbus, Ohio and surrounding communities. Our purpose is greater then donuts and our passion is deeper than food. Our specific hiring methods coupled with professional training and team building is what allows us to be able to give back to the community and at the same time serve the best made-to-order donuts while making a positive impact on each person we come in contact with. We believe in helping our employees gain hands-on knowledge that they will be able to better their skill set and careers.

Our passion is people, our love is donuts!

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